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Established 1896

Then, Now, Always Your Hometown Pharmacy

Stauffer’s Drug Store is a fifth generation family owned pharmacy serving Lancaster County since 1896. With over 120 years of experience, we believe that some things never change. When it comes to your family’s health, you deserve dependable service from a pharmacy you can trust.  Our commitment is to provide both clinical expertise and excellence in customer service with every prescription.  

Done and Done

Apologies for the long stretch between entries. After the excitement of construction died down, the business of day to day busyness got in the way of keeping you all updated.

If you came to the fair last month, or have driven down Main Street since then, you have seen our beautiful new finished façade. It looks great during the day, and it looks even better at night!

This is likely to be the last update to this blog, as construction is now complete. We could surprise you, though, so don't stop watching this space. If you "like" us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, you'll be notified there of any updates to this blog. Also, we won't stop posting on those sites, so if you want to keep up with what's happening at Stauffer's Drug Store, those are the places to do it.

That Sign Really Pulls the Look Together

We're not done yet; there are likely a few more weeks of work to be done before the new front of the store is complete and open. Last week, though, saw some dramatic changes. While there are still details to be completed, the new look is really coming together. The first step in that process was applying tile to the frame around the front door.

Once most of the tile was in place, the next step was installing our new signs. There are three signs, and with them now up, it's easier than ever to get a sense of what the storefront will look like when all the work is done.

So far this week, the weather has prevented much from happening, but it hasn't stopped all the work. All of the tile around the front doors has now been put in place, and in the picture below, you can see that the front entryway is now lacking little but light bulbs.

Things are Heating Up…

…and, thankfully, cooling down. Two weeks ago, in an event entirely unrelated to the ongoing construction, our air conditioner broke. It happened while the front wall was being replaced, so at first we thought nothing of the rising temperature. When the pharmacy failed to cool down the next day, however, we investigated and discovered a broken fan blade. So, while façade construction continued, installation of a new HVAC system also got underway.

The old A/C unit awaits disposal.

While HVAC work was going on inside and at the back of the building, a lot of work was also being done out front and on the side.

  • The second floor got new windows.
  • The frame around the front door, which will eventually be clad in tile, received a couple of layers in preparation.
  • The side of the building received a paint job.

Finally, yesterday, after a few warm days and a few days with a stop-gap solution, our new air conditioning is fully functional (we got a new furnace too!).

Last Vestige of a Late Look

The façade that we are replacing this summer is about thirty years old. One piece that has now been replaced, however, was a good deal older. The front windows and doors of the store date back, not to the last facelift, but to the one before. The dark wood siding was added to the building in the 1980s. At the time, it replaced a façade that had been installed in the 1960s. That look included a wall of windows that incorporated the store's only door and extended from the eastern edge of the building to about halfway along what is now the windowless Long Term Care pharmacy.

Some of those windows were removed during the 1980s renovation, but the portion that incorporated the front door remained, albeit hidden from view from the street by a new, outer wall. Yesterday, however, that wall section, with us for the last 50+ years was removed, briefly exposing the interior of the retail pharmacy to the elements and excitement of the outdoors. The construction crew worked through the rain and through the distraction of several firetrucks shutting down the block while dealing with a situation next door. No harm came to people or property, and the block eventually reopened.

After the old wall was removed, a new frame was installed.

Followed by the panels of the new wall itself.

Last night the plastic sheeting and protective paper on the windows was still up, but this morning it got taken down and we got to see the view through our new windows and (single, more energy efficient) door.

First Facets of a Fresh Face

Until this week, the ongoing construction didn't give much hint as to the finished façade's final form. Now, however, passerby will have a better idea of how the store will look in the end. The frame around the front entrance has been built, and, although it is still bare wood, it gives shape to the project.

Siding, the first material of the finished look, also started going up this week.

In order to aid in moving materials to the upper stories, construction workers brought in some heavy equipment.

One of the items that needed lifting was shutters. It's been nearly 60 years since the building's windows had shutters. They almost finished putting them on today, but rain put an early halt to the week's work.

Let There Be Light!

Construction is in full swing. Last week saw the removal of the building's old façade.

The most exciting part of demolition was the removal of the wall that has, for the last few decades, partially blocked the Drug Store's front window and door. For the first time in 30 years, there is an unobstructed view out the window, and the extra light in the store makes everything feel a little more cheerful.

With the old siding gone, construction has commenced on the substructure for the building's new face.

Construction is progressing rapidly. For the most up to date photos, follow us on Twitter @StauffersDrug.

Construction Has Begun

After a brief delay, construction on our new façade has begun! Fencing went up today, so from now until the end of construction, our front, Main Street, entrance will be closed. But don't worry, both our rear entrance and our drive-thru will remain open. Both can be accessed from our parking lot which has entrances on North Railroad Avenue and Towne Center Lane.

Take a Good Look…

Stauffer's Drug Store, and before that, the Stauffer family home, has been located at 147-149 East Main Street in New Holland for more than 120 years. Over those years, the building has had several different looks.

And finally, the current look, which has been with us since the 1980s.

Take a good look at that façade, because next week, after 30 years, it's going away forever. On July 5th, construction will begin on the front of the store. During construction—which will continue for several weeks—the front entrance will be closed, but the store will be open.

We look forward to keeping you abreast of the construction progress via this blog and to showing off our new look later this summer. You will also be able to find construction updates by liking us on Facebook and by following us on Twitter.

Established 1896

Established 1896


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