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Established 1896

Then, Now, Always Your Hometown Pharmacy

Stauffer’s Drug Store is a fifth generation family owned pharmacy serving Lancaster County since 1896. With over 120 years of experience, we believe that some things never change. When it comes to your family’s health, you deserve dependable service from a pharmacy you can trust.  Our commitment is to provide both clinical expertise and excellence in customer service with every prescription.  

Last Vestige of a Late Look

The façade that we are replacing this summer is about thirty years old. One piece that has now been replaced, however, was a good deal older. The front windows and doors of the store date back, not to the last facelift, but to the one before. The dark wood siding was added to the building in the 1980s. At the time, it replaced a façade that had been installed in the 1960s. That look included a wall of windows that incorporated the store's only door and extended from the eastern edge of the building to about halfway along what is now the windowless Long Term Care pharmacy.

Some of those windows were removed during the 1980s renovation, but the portion that incorporated the front door remained, albeit hidden from view from the street by a new, outer wall. Yesterday, however, that wall section, with us for the last 50+ years was removed, briefly exposing the interior of the retail pharmacy to the elements and excitement of the outdoors. The construction crew worked through the rain and through the distraction of several firetrucks shutting down the block while dealing with a situation next door. No harm came to people or property, and the block eventually reopened.

After the old wall was removed, a new frame was installed.

Followed by the panels of the new wall itself.

Last night the plastic sheeting and protective paper on the windows was still up, but this morning it got taken down and we got to see the view through our new windows and (single, more energy efficient) door.

Established 1896

Established 1896


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